Welcome to another week of opportunities to get involved in the goings-on here at the Diabetes Centre and Biomedical Research Centre. What a week it is too! That is some beautiful weather going on out there. Perfect for a nice walk! And as Tom has shown, every 10 minutes of walking reduces your risk of heart problems.

Welcome particularly to the fairly large number of new people on this mailing list! This is the weekly email I send round about ‘public and patient involvement’ in the Leicester Diabetes Centre and the Biomedical Research Centre. Involvement is not the same as taking part in a study, it’s about helping plan and design research projects using your expertise from living with diabetes. We host regular events, focus groups and activities that you’re invited to take part in.

June 29th – Discussion Group about Heavy Exercise

Can you help Claire design her new research project looking at the effect of heavy exercise on blood sugar and heart rhythm? We have a focus and discussion group on June 29th at 10am at the Leicester Diabetes Centre. Lunch is provided and expenses for travel will be paid. Come along, and share your thoughts to help steer her research project and make it genuinely useful to people with diabetes!

June 13th – Diabetes Week: Meet The Pros

For once it’s not the medics but Team NovoNordisk, professional cyclists with diabetes! Come along and meet a professional cyclist, ask your questions and enjoy a light lunch with us. Please see attached flier:-


Volunteer to Represent Patients at Healthcare Group

Can you advocate for people with diabetes? Would you like to influence care? We’re looking for someone from a South Asian background who can give up 90 minutes every 3 months to ensure care meets the needs of your community! Expenses will of course be paid.

June 22nd – NIHR Focus Group

Oooh the big bosses are visiting and they want to speak to the most important people… YOU!

The National Institute of Health Research wishes to evaluate a recent Themed Review report on Type 2 diabetes evidence and would like views from people with experience of Type 2 diabetes through a focus group of 6-8 people. You’ll be glad to hear that you do not need to have read the report as copies will be provided and talked though. The group will run from midday to 3pm. As an added incentive there is a £60 payment for attending this session! However, there won’t be travel expenses on account of the payment.

If you would like to attend ANY of these sessions or volunteer for the role above, please get in touch and let me know. As ever, your support is vital to the success of the research unit!

Pritchard Rebecca – Research Governance & Public and Patient Involvement (PPI)LeadRebecca.Pritchard@uhl-tr.nhs.uk