The recommendations following the consultation on Congenital Heart Disease services in England will be presented at the NHS England Board meeting (10.45- 12.45) on Thursday 30 November.

It has been a very long and stressful 17 months for all of our patients, families and staff and I must applaud the dignity, resilience and hard work that has been shown by everybody throughout this consultation process, especially over the last few months. We are treating more patients than ever before and this has required many of the team to go above and beyond, which makes the decision on Thursday even more poignant. 

We are hoping that our efforts to demonstrate that the East Midlands Congenital Heart Centre either meets or has robust plans to meet all of the necessary standards/ timeframes required for continued commissioning will have been successful, and the recommendation will be to keep Level 1 Congenital Heart Disease surgery and our interventional services.

Having said that, at this point we have no idea how the decision will go and our priority will be to ensure our staff understand the implications of the decision and that we continue to deliver care to our patients.  We will be watching the Board meeting streamed live, and if you would like to do the same you can do here:

It is our intention to brief our staff and stakeholders as soon after the decision as possible, so expect to see an email on the day. However, it will be important for our Trust Board to reflect on the decision and its implications in private, so if necessary the Board will take further advice and will discuss the decision at our Trust Board meeting on 7 December.

We of course expect media interest on the day and our Communications Team will be managing requests for interviews and filming on the day. If you have any approaches by the media about the decision, please contact Tiffany Jones, Deputy Director of Communications to make her aware.

I will be at the Glenfield with Executive and Non-Executive board colleagues on the day and we will make ourselves available to talk with staff at a staff briefing irrespective of the decision.

We plan to hold a stakeholder meeting on Thursday 7 December at 18.30 at the Clinical Education Centre, Glenfield – irrespective of the decision. This meeting will give us the opportunity to thank our amazing stakeholders for their support and share the next  steps for the service. We look forward to seeing you there.

Once again, thank you for all your amazing support and commitment.