On 3 January 2017, the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust welcomed Dr Shirley Crawshaw to its Board; the latest Non-Executive Director to join our team.
Dr Crawshaw brings with her a fantastic experience of a medical background having become medically qualified with membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners, Fellowship of the Faculty of Public Health UK and Fellowship of the New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine.

Leicester’s Hospitals Chairman, Karamjit Singh CBE said: “We are delighted to welcome Dr Crawshaw to our Board as she has just the kind of experience that will benefit us greatly. Having held senior posts in the NHS and UK Department of Health, we believe she will become a valuable asset to our trust as she possesses a strong knowledge of the NHS and the healthcare system.  Dr Crawshaw strongly believes in giving patients the best care they could possibly receive while they are with us and we wholeheartedly share this view.”

Dr Crawshaw said of her appointment: “My public health experience has given me important insights into the health gap which exists for certain individuals throughout the county. There is a fundamental role in ensuring equity of access for healthcare for all individuals in Leicestershire and I am motivated to work with Board members in this area. I very much value this opportunity to work as a Non-Executive Director for Leicester’s Hospitals and hope to be able to contribute significantly to the activities of the UHL Board on behalf of the population of Leicestershire.”

The appointment was made by the NHS Improvement which is responsible for appointing all Chairs and Non-Executives to NHS trusts throughout England.  All appointments are subject to the Code of Practice of the Commissioner for Public Appointments, and made following an open competition based on merit, in a way that is open, transparent and fair to all applicants. Dr Crawshaw is entitled to receive remuneration of £6,157 per annum.  Her term will run from 3 January 2017 until 2 January 2019, although consideration will be given to extending or a further re-appointment at the end of this term depending on the needs of the Trust at that time.

Dr Crawshaw has not declared any political activity in the last five years.