The NHS is one of Britain’s proudest achievements. And today its staff do a superb job treating record numbers of patients. Quite rightly, people to want to protect our NHS when it is under pressure but in doing this they also need to allow it to change and improve.

Since 1948, the NHS has constantly adapted itself and it must continue to do so as the world and our health needs also change. We are now able to treat people with new drugs and treatments that weren’t available in the past. As life expectancy increases, so do the ailments of old age and there are now more people with chronic conditions like heart failure and arthritis.

There are also big opportunities to improve care by making practical changes to how the NHS works. Improvements that matter, like making it easier to see a GP, speeding up cancer diagnosis and offering help faster to people with mental ill health.

This is why the NHS and local councils have come together in 44 areas covering all of England to develop proposals to improve health and care. They have formed new partnerships – known as sustainability and transformation partnerships – to plan jointly for the next few years.

Proposals are all at different stages and now patients, the public and NHS staff must help to develop and shape them.

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The NHS and local councils have formed partnerships in 44 areas covering all of England, to improve health and care. Each area has developed proposals built around the needs of the whole population in the area, not just those of individual organisations.

Sustainability and TransformationPartnerships build on collaborative work that began under the NHS Shared Planning Guidance for 2016/17 – 2020/21, to support implementation of the Five Year Forward View. They are supported by six national health and care bodies:

  • NHS England
  • NHS Improvement
  • The Care Quality Commission (CQC)
  • Health Education England (HEE
  • Public Health England (PHE) and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

Further Information

If you want to learn more about thje STPs then please click on the link below which will take to the NHS England website: