NHS England is set to launch a GP retention pilot for over-55s thinking of leaving the profession, offering them flexible working models. For example, this could include providing cover for other practices, take on certain expert roles or become trainers or mentors.

NHS England, announced plans to improve GP retention in the GP Forward View earlier this year and have said the move comes as data showed that the number of GPs over 55 leaving the profession has risen over the last 10 years. NHS England also said research that they have commissioned suggests that experienced GPs may remain practising if there was an opportunity to work more flexibly.

NHS England will launch a GP Career Plus scheme pilot in 2017/18 to test a range of ways to offer such flexibility and support for experienced GPs at risk of leaving general practice. ihe 12-month trial, which has been worked up with the Royal College of General Practice (RCGP), British Medical Assocation (BMA) and Health Education England (HEE), will look to recruit ‘up to 80 experienced GPs at risk of leaving the profession’ across 10 pilot areas.
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