From Monday 9 October 2017  there will be a small increase to visitor car parking charges across Leicester Hospitals’ three sites.

Car parking charges have not been raised by the Trust since 2011 but are now a necessity due to increasing pressures on NHS budgets. Even with this small increase; the proposals still see the Royal Infirmary, Glenfield and the General Hospitals as the cheapest hospitals to park at in the East Midlands. Around 3,400 patients visit Leicester’s Hospitals each day and the majority travel by car, so providing safe, accessible parking is a priority.

Darryn Kerr, Director of Estates and Facilities at Leicester’s Hospitals, said: “As part of this process we have engaged with some of our key stakeholders. Many understood the situation; some were supportive of the planned proposals and some challenged us.

“Clear amongst the feedback was that people want a ‘pay on exit’ solution and the ability to not pay for the first half hour across all the three sites; this is only currently available at the Royal Infirmary.  As a result, we will be working with parking solution providers during the next financial year (April 2018 – March 2019) to find a way to fund and upgrade systems to include ‘pay at exit’ barriers at both Glenfield and the General Hospital. This solution will have the benefit of making it easier for patients and visitors to use the car parks, as well as a fairer payment system across the board.

“We appreciate the charges may feel like a significant increase for our patients and visitors because it has been six years since we last reviewed them, but we have learned through the engagement process that we need to review parking charges more regularly and in line with inflation to stagger the costs more fairly.”

Darryn explains: “We recognise that increasing parking charges is never popular, but we do everything we can to keep charges down.  If we did not charge for car parking then we would have to find money to provide safe accessible parking for our patients and visitors elsewhere, which would have a direct impact on patient care and the frontline services we provide.”

The Trust will continue to offer free allocated parking for disabled users, for those on benefits and discounted rates for regular hospital visitors, with the weekly, monthly and saver tickets.