Today (Monday 19th June), Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (LPT) are delighted to announce the release of our very own music single in collaboration with mental health arts company, rethinkyourmind. The single is based on a winning poem selected out of over 300 entries to the LPT Yellow Book competition which called for people across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to submit art, photography and poetry inspired by the theme: ‘I feel better when I am..’

Titled “Out of the Blue”, the music single is performed by Leicester band Refuge, led by rethinkyourmind creator, Peter Hirst. It is hoped that the single will inspire people to talk about mental health and promote positive wellbeing. 

The music single’s lyrics were adapted from winning poem, ‘Out of the Blue’ by Steve Walton. The music video for the song was created by Leicester-based body concept artist, Emma Fay. 

The music single can be viewed on LPT’s youtube channel here: and downloaded from Amazon here: