Leicester’s Hospitals in conjunction with Leicester City Council and Her Majesty’s Senior Coroner, Mrs Catherine Mason, are changing their approach to post mortem investigations.

Traditional post mortem examinations are being replaced with less intrusive alternatives, such as using a specialised x-ray technique known as Post Mortem Computed Tomography (PMCT). This pioneering approach has been introduced in response to the wishes of the community and has been running at Leicester Royal Infirmary since 2015, but until now has required independent funding from families. 

From today (Wednesday 1 November 2017), if post-mortem investigation is required by HM Senior Coroner for Leicester City and South Leicestershire to establish the cause of death, pathologists will determine what approach is required and the least invasive approach, including using PMCT instead of a post mortem will be taken whenever possible. Where there are important questions that PMCT cannot answer, a traditional post mortem will still need to be performed.

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