The Council wants to do as much as it can to prevent people in Leicester from developing social care needs. This means trying to help people stay independent and in good health, both physically and mentally. For most of the time people stay health and independent by helping themselves and having support from family, friends and the community. In addition the Council helps people by providing universal services such as leisure facilities and neighbourhood services.

These consultation are intended to find out what people think about LCC’s proposals. No decisions have been made at this stage. It is important for them to hear what people think in order to shape the Council’s way forward in these areas. The consultation is in two related parts:-

Changes to the way they commission existing Prevention Services

The Council by many prevention services from the Voluntary and Community Sector. The Voluntary Sector has unique strengths in that it is close to communities, often it consists of communities working for themselves. The sector can be very flexible and innovative in understanding people’s needs and responding to them effectively. They want to make more of the ability of the voluntary sector in prevention. This consultation is about how they do that in the future. To find out more and complete this consultation, please go to:

Proposals for setting up a new Prevention and Wellbeing Grant Fund

Many voluntary oranisations have said that if they had more freedom to identify issues and develop solutions themselves, it would be more effective than the current system. The proposed new Grant Fund will mean that Voluntary and Community organisations can bid to provide support for people based on their own ideas and evidence about what is needed and that works, without having to base their proposals on services specified by the Council. Any Voluntary Sector organisation will be able to bid into the new Grant Fund, including those who may face reductions as a result of the service changes proposed in their other survey. To find out more and complete the survey, please go to: