John Adler, Chief Executive of University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL) has published a briefing on the next steps for the East Midlands Congential Heart Centre, following the decision from NHS England last week to retain Children’s Heart Surgery in Leicester and Leicestershire.

Dear Friends of the East Midlands Congenital Heart Centre,

I am sure by now that you will all have heard the fantastic news that NHS England (NHSE) will continue to commission congenital heart services at the East Midlands Congenital Heart Centre (EMCHC), meaning the centre will continue to provide lifesaving surgery for children and adults in the region.

NHS England stated in their Board paper that “the decision marks the end of an uncertain time for the service” and we are delighted that we can now focus all our energy on continuing to grow the service and the preparations for moving the children’s element of the EMCHC across to the LRI to join all other children’s services in the Childrens Hospital.

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank everyone who has worked so hard within the EMCHC service and all the associated teams who have delivered excellent car, shown great resilience and team work, and changed how we work, including embracing the crucial relationships with our Network partners to include them in our plans for future growth.

We have been blessed with the most incredible support from our patients, parents, charities and stakeholders who have ensured that the views of the people of the East Midlands were listened to; a real example of ‘People Power’ and for which we are hugely grateful.

It is a testament to this resilience and commitment that our plans for the future have been accepted and endorsed by NHS England and we can focus on the future. It is vital that we maintain the current momentum and the next steps for the service are clear;

  • Maintain the very high quality of our care and the robust review and audit processes which are key to maintaining that quality
  • Achieve our surgical numbers in line with our own growth plan
  • Continue to develop our ways of working and internal cooperation as clearly demonstrated through the recent LiA process
  • Extend our recruitment plans , promoting our success and plans for the future to attract and retain the key staff we need for our growth
  • Continue to develop and nurture our relationships with the hospitals in our network to help make EMCHC the centre of choice for their patients
  • Achieve our plans to co-locate EMCHC within the Children’s Hospital at LRI by July 2019

With best wishes

John Adler

Chief Executive