Healthwatch Leicester have been involved in Dentistry in Leicester City since it became independent in 2013. During that time we have built up good relationships with NHS England’s Local Dental Network (LDN) which we attend quarterly and also with the Leicestershire Dental Committee (LDC) who represent the dental professionals and are also a core member of Leicester City Council led Oral Health Promotion Partnership Board (OHPPB).

“I am the Leicestershire and Lincolnshire Dental Network chair for NHS England. We have built a network of clinicians and other stakeholders in the local NHS area that meet and provide clinical input into NHS England. We work and try to transform care and improve outcomes for patients. Our Network specifically tries to put the patient in the centre of everything that we do. The participation and attendance of all the Healthwatch organisations in the area is crucial to that work. We have work streams that affect both General Dentistry as well as Oral Health promotion, specialist areas in NHS Dentistry including Oral surgery, Orthodontics and Special care Dentistry. 

“Healthwatch Leicester makes a signifiant contribution to our work in particular in the children and older people work streams and also as part of the steering group. Healthwatch Leicester also takes part proactively in the oral health promotion partnership board which is a multi agency board with joint funding from Leicester city council and NHS England. As Vice Chair of the OHPPB the contribution that Healthwatch makes is significant.

“The contribution in both areas is much appreciated by the Dental profession and our stakeholders. There is agreement in our network that the presence of Healthwatch enhances our work and last year I received unsolicited feedback from the associate postgraduate Dean from Health Education England to me confirming what a great contribution that Healthwatch makes to our work.

Jason Wong BDS.DPDS

Following the recent procurement carried out by NHS England it will now provide Leicester City with extra funding and extended practices, as well as a new emergency centre which will provide emergency dental care from 8.00am-8.00pm, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year. All of which is due to come in on 1 December 2017. Healthwatch Leicester have had significant input in influencing the procurement.

 “As  members of Leicestershire and Rutland Local Dental Committee we are very happy to confirm the good working relationship that has been developed over the last three years between the LDC and Healthwatch to the mutual benefit of both organisations.

“We feel that both organisations now have a much better understanding of delivering dental care for patients in Leicester and Leicestershire. Healthcare through Gillian is also providing really helpful and insightive input into the meetings of the LDN. We have great expectations that this co-operation will continue to benefit patient care in our area.”

Hanif Moti, Chair of the LDC

For full details of NHS England’s procurement, please go to

Other Healthwatches also involved with Dentistry and and the Local Dental Network meetings are Rutland, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire.