PPG Awareness Week aims to promote the role and benefits of PPGs to patients, the public and health professionals, to create more understanding of the value of true patient participation also to promote the support available from N.A.P.P.

Dr Phil Hammond, GP turned hospital doctor, journalist and broadcaster supporting Patient Participation Awareness Week had this to say………

Patients and carers are the smoke alarms for the frontline of the NHS. They are often first to spot poor care and also have great ideas about how to make care better. They need to be involved in decisions not just about their care, but in designing better care for others. Patient Participation Groups are a crucial way of harnessing the voice of the patient in primary care, and have much to contribute in driving up quality”

To find out more about Dr Phil Hammond visit www.drphilhammond.com.

There will be a national media campaign lead by N.A.P.P. and a local campaign lead by PPGs in communities supported by the resource pack (see above)

Click here to see what influential health stakeholders have to say about patient participation.

We hope that all our members (and non-members!) will join with us to ‘make some noise’ about the excellent work groups undertake in partnership with their practices by organising awareness raising activities during this week even if its only putting together a display for the waiting room! Click here to see activities run in 2014 by local PPGs for Patient Participation Awareness Week.

To find out more about N.A.P.P. please go to: https://www.napp.org.uk