The CQC have confirmed to Pulse Today magazine that they have  completed their round of inspections on GP practices which shows that 90% are rated as “Good” or “Outstanding” up from 87% last July.

The CQC confirmed that the data showed that improvements had been made following the inspections, with two-thirds of practices rated “Inadequate” previously, were found to be “Good” on re-inspection. However, GP leaders have questioned whether this is good use of  money at the time when the NHS had limited resources.

It showed the cost of the CQC inspections was £55m but taking into account additional support services (HR, IT and the Intelligent Monitoring Programme) the full cost of the General Practice Inspection Programme was £36.5m making a total of £110m over the three year period.

For this financial year, NHS England will reimburse GP practices’ CQC fees in full, but for the last three years the lion share of the cost of general practice inspection (£20m per year) has been carried by the GP practices.

The CQC finished their full inspection of every GP practice in February 2017 and practices rated “Good” or “Outstanding” have been told it will be 5 years before they are inspected again, but one in four General Practices will be inspected next year.

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