The Ambulance Service is warning parents of the dangers of children making hoax calls to the Emergency Services following a call which cost the Ambulance Service £2,500 and included the services of the Air Ambulance, a paramedic, Fast Response Unit and two fully manned ambulances which were sent to scene where they believed a girl had been run over by a car and killed.

When they arrived at the scene and the address given there was no one there and realised  it was a hoax call made by a child. One of the ambulances called to the scene had been diverted from a real emergency. Since the call was made last Friday, the Ambulance Service have received another three calls during the week which have been made by children.

Simon Tomlinson, General Manager for EMAS Emergency Operations Centres told the Leicester Mercury: “Hoax calls can put people’s lives in danger by diverting resources away from genuine emergencies and can delay responses attending serious or life threatening emergency calls.

“They also place an additional strain on emergency services at a time when we are dealing with a rising number of 999 calls.”

He added: “Think – your life, or the life of someone you care about, could be put at risk by making a hoax call.”

It costs £1700 to call our the Air Ambulance and £255 for each ambulance that attends at the incident. The police have been informed.

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